As a Senior Leader within an organization, you are responsible for taking this system to a new level of performance. Maybe you have a clear vision on specific elements to improve (e.g., system, processes, etc.), but you are not sure yet how you need to “show up” in order to make this a reality. You don’t want to show up too “harsh” such that you’re seen as uncompromising and dominant, but on the other hand you don’t want to simply play it “safe” and stay within a comfort zone.

Further, as an executive of your enterprise, your role is not only to ensure the success of your organization, but also to help build the culture for your company. After all, you are a role model for this system- what is considered “the way things are” will come from your example.

What matters now more than ever, is your presence.

What is your executive shape? How will you operate, so that the culture takes your cues forward as taken-for-granted ways of being?

My research of women leaders made me reflect on how lonely it can be for women in these senior leadership roles. It is wonderful that you are getting credit for all the hard work you’ve put in, but there may not be many others in your immediate peer group where you feel seen (perhaps as a woman, or as a woman of color). Your motivation, behavior, and work might be affected as a result.

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