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Are you taking on the shape of a leader?

One thing I hear frequently is that people often take on the role as leaders, but continue to behave like managers. It is important for you to know: there is a difference between simply managing and leading. What is now required from you is a leadership presence so that people sit up and take notice of your efforts, and will want to join you in your vision!

As a leader, you not only need to know the what, but the how of leadership.

Here is an opportunity, as a new leader, to boldly embody your shape of leadership.

We will provide guidance for what it means to be a grounded and embodied leader, especially in these complex times of change and transformation. It is an opportunity to unlearn old models of success that no longer serve us, and truly forge ahead in ways that are authentic and in alignment with our greater and collective purpose.

Who am I, and how can I help 

As a leader within Fortune 500 environments, I have personally lead multiple global cross-functional initiatives that have required something beyond simply managing – it is carrying a purpose that is bigger than myself. It is carrying a message and forging ahead in a way that is compelling and invites others in to join in on the effort.

 As an Executive Coach, Educator and Champion, I have also spent much time across the table of women leaders who have been asked to take on a bigger version of themselves. Some have shared stories of imposter syndrome. Some others have told tell me that they are plagued with many “voices” in their head about ‘how to be’ a leader in their respective organizations.

With so many competing ideas on how to be a leader, how do you locate the voice that is authentic to you? 


These are complex moments in history, and it demands your best leadership shape to emerge. In the Forma® Leadership Institute, we offer a learning environment to help you explore your shape of leadership.   


Discover who you and your team are now, and where you have been. Understand the shape of leadership that is most needed during these modern, challenging times. 


Identify old archetypes that might be living in you, your team, and your system. Recognize motivations for the legacy culture, group or individual ways of being. Gain insight on how to disrupt unhelpful behaviors.


Claim the new vision for the next chapter of yourself as a leader, as a collective. Inhabit styles that are most authentic to who you are.


Practices and adaptions to help the next chapter unfold. Dislodge legacy ways of working and being.


Take action from this new shape to make this new vision a sustained reality. Continue to affirm and resource this new shape.


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    • Leadership Presence
    • Communication and Conflict Resolution
    • Decision Making
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