Empowered Women

You are someone who has recently had your world rocked. Or, what was for a long time your true north no longer feels in alignment. Women in their late 30s or early 40s often feel a shift upon them. This might be the case with your relationship, or your career. Or both. I know I have been there. Who am I... Growing up, I did my best to fulfill this idea of the American Dream that had been set forth for me. My immigrant background placed an especially heavy weight in my childhood to ensure that I would fulfill this picture of being a “good girl” and went to college as my parents never had...

Dynamic Leaders

Are you taking on the shape of a leader? One thing I hear frequently is that people often take on the role as leaders, but continue to behave like managers. It is important for you to know: there is a difference between simply managing and leading. What is now required from you is a leadership presence so that people sit up and take notice of your efforts, and will want to join you in your vision! As a leader, you not only need to know the what, but the how of leadership. Here is an opportunity, as a new leader, to boldly embody your shape of leadership. We will provide guidance for what...

Transformative Executives

As a Senior Leader within an organization, you are responsible for taking this system to a new level of performance. Maybe you have a clear vision on specific elements to improve (e.g., system, processes, etc.), but you are not sure yet how you need to “show up” in order to make this a reality. You don’t want to show up too “harsh” such that you’re seen as uncompromising and dominant, but on the other hand you don’t want to simply play it “safe” and stay within a comfort zone. Further, as an executive of your enterprise, your role is not only to ensure the success of your organization,...

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