My name is Amy Chiang. The body of my work encompasses change, transformation and revolution. For the last two decades, I have supported efforts that impacted people, processes and systems to bring the new vision of life for individuals, groups, organizations and systems.

As a Consultant, Executive Coach, Educator and Transformation Lead, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies through large-scale change efforts. To name a few: Visa, Inc., VMware, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Cisco.



My education includes master degrees in Organizational Change Management and Human Development, as well as a doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems. Multiple perspectives inform my work, including the ordinary (program/project management, change management and leadership development) as well as the extraordinary (transformative learning, somatics/embodiment, and decolonizing pedagogy). These create an alchemy to offer a unique, adaptive and innovative approach to support you as you move into you into your future state.


  • Honorable Mention – Jack Mezirow Living Theory of Transformative Learning Award for Conference papers that make an outstanding contribution to our understanding of transformative learning theory, research, and practice.
  • Scholarship Recipient – Richard and Yakko Meyers Endowed Human Rights Scholarship awarded to students who are committed to addressing human rights violations.
  • Merit Scholarship – New School University Institutional Scholarship awarded to students based on undergraduate academic achievement.



  • “A Path to Liberation: the Embodiment of Power for Women and Women of Color.” IAC Webinar Women and Power – It’s Our Time, or is it? Co-hosted by Inclusion Allies Coalition and the FutureWork Institute. March, 2019.
  • “The shape of oppression: Habits of mind and being in the social context.” Paper presented at the International Transformative Learning Conference at Pacific Lutheran University. October, 2016.
  • “Unfreezing habits of mind and body: Bodywork practitioners’ contribution to transformative learning theory.” Paper presented at the International Transformative Learning Conference at Pacific Lutheran University. October, 2016.



Ph.D. dissertation studied how unstated assumptions drive work and inform lifeworld for leaders. Identified methods to disrupt these taken-for-granted ways of being to support the creation of new ways of leading, experiences and culture.

Presently in pilot phase of research on leadership (Sr. Director, VP and above) who self-identify as women, women of color and/or women + other subordinated identity (e.g., LGBTQ) relative to the dominant culture of an organization. The goal of this study is to study women who have been successful in leadership roles in corporate settings in the United States in order to best understand the challenge and opportunity for the success of future generations of women once they are in these roles in order to have greater representation at top leadership levels in organizations. Goals are to expand this research to a global context.

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After listening carefully and asking questions for clarification, Dr. Amy Chiang recently asked me a powerful question still punctuates my mind: “What do YOU want, Connie?” This one, direct question she posed comes back to me in decisions big and large.  I am grateful for the incisive, supportive and on-target queries Amy has guided me through over a few years. Her wide-ranging experiences and stellar background inform her practice.
Connie Corley

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Kristi McGee

One of the things I really love about Amy is her ability to respectfully challenge me to explore even more ways I can reach my goals. And that exploration always leads to the discovery of options that I would not have thought of on my own! Her questions and observations are very insightful and not only allow me to see bigger possibilities, but also ensure I am satisfied with what I am taking away from each session. Amy shows sincere appreciation for the positive things I am already doing, while steadily keeping the spotlight on what I want to achieve. Her encouragement and championing allows me to feel able (and actually excited!) to take the next steps towards my goals!

Toyah Brooks

Amy is a rare combination of power and compassion. The minute I met her I knew I was in good hands. She created a trusting and safe environment effortlessly, with her mere presence. Intuitive and confident, she could hear and she paid attention to what I was saying and not saying.

Amy is non-judgmental, curious and unbiased and tends to your agenda in the best possible way. She will cut to the chase and take you where you want to be in the fastest and most efficient way, guiding you and leading the way if need be.

With Amy, I got a lot more than I bargained for. I reached out to her for leadership skills that I could use in my business and what I finally got was much more than just that! She helped me bring limiting beliefs and stories that were keeping me from moving forward to the surface so as to work on them and change them.

Incorporating spiritual practices that help soothe the mind and body and awaken the soul, she proved to be a catalyst and an accelerator. Things happen and are resolved so much faster since I started working with her. We met for a reason. Thank you for being there Amy!

Evdoxia Stoupi

As a coach, Amy Chiang is very supportive. She truly welcomes every part of my experience into the conversation-mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social. Because she takes into account the whole, she is able to help me synthesize what is most important to me in the session. She does a great job staying curious as I explore what I want to get out of the session and allows me to do the work of deciding for myself. The way that she listens, reflects back what I am saying, and asks relevant questions helps me keep moving forward towards my I want from our time. When she does offer a comment or make an observation, she is always very neutral and offers these things loosely and without judgment. I have always ended my sessions with Amy feeling like the time was very encouraging and productive. Plus, I feel more clear with how to move forward with whatever I am facing.

Mindy Durias

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Freida Levycky

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